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Customer quotes

Idea Hunt has built their software and experience from a global and ultra-collaborative basis. Connections are made around the globe in a human peer to peer-solution, helping skills go viral. This is exactly what we built the Axis culture around, so the fit is striking.

Jonas Hansson
Chief Information Officer
Axis Communications

We used Idea Hunt to source actionable ideas, from our community, to help us improve our online marketing for our smartwatch ReVault. Within 2 weeks we had received over a hundred participants, and ideas, that we are incorporating in our product launch. Idea Hunt was a good match for us, considering that our smartwatch was built using crowdsourced ideas.

Josef Haddad
CEO, Brace it

Idea Hunt is a versatile tool that can be used to source ideas for change and organizational management. It has many of the social aspects that I find lacking in other tools for innovation and learning. It’s digital nature has allowed me to reach people in a large and geographically dispersed organization. It’s now possible to engage more people in our innovation.

Fred Eriksson
Change consultat, E.ON