Do you want to help build a VR/AR headset?
Do you want to help build a VR/AR headset?

Do you want to help build a VR/AR headset?

We want to create a new brand DBY (Developed by you)

Each of you can be part of the development team.This is an experiment to see what happens when you combine the best ideas of a large community. The best be involved in the development. As rewards we can expect to work on a unique project. Free beta versions. Free final versions. Much more.

We will need electronic engineers, programmers, designers. Be part of something big!

The entire development process is to be formed by the community. The design, the most important functions, the applications, the marketing, ... everything will be shaped by the community.

Share it! Lets create something new!

The next Steps:

  • Promote the project.
  • Building a community.
  • Launch a crowdfunding campaign.
  • Found DBY (Developed by you)
  • Start creating together with the whole community.

The products will be the products of the community!

Invite your friends! HERE And please also invite to hunt idea.

Start:17 Apr, 2016
End:15 May, 2016


Free betakit

You get a free Betakit, which is issued only to you and to magazines.

Free Finalversion

You get a free kit of the finalversion


You get a job offer as a designer.


You get a job offer as a programmer.

Electronics engineer

You get a job offer as a electronics developer.

Join us!

Invitation to join the community.


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