Website Concept!:
Website Concept!:

Website Concept!:

Idea for a website: Make your own personal duplicate AI bot.. A website hosting user profiles which entails.. A survey asking systematic questions to create.. Your wealth of knowledge on our platform.. Answer a few questions everyday to enhance your online bots abilities.. You can add custom information to your bot as you learn stuff online everyday.. Type up a journal on the interface too.. God forbid anything ever happens to one of us.. We can just call upon your bot for your knowledge base! I got the idea from the show Limitless.. They had all the greatest minds in the world as talking robots! I would personally use this tool.. I believe loved ones of the deceased will cherish this.. Would you all not cherish an AI bot created by one of your deceased loved ones?.. (my heartfelt condolences btw).. I am seeking ideas and technical co-founders for this project! Thanks, Jaswinder Brar

Start:11 Feb, 2016
End:12 Mar, 2016


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