What features should WISP HR Soltion add?
What features should WISP HR Soltion add?

What features should WISP HR Soltion add?

WISP is a mobile-first Intranet solution for creating employee handbook applications for corporate information and communication. Mobile-first approach makes it extremely easy for any employee with a smartphone to reach important corporate information such as corporate policy and rules, company news, and staff contact list. It also establishes a secure channel of corporate communication via built-in instant messenger function.

WISP simplifies the process of new employees’ onboarding and increases employee participation. The solution is quick to introduce and simple to manage. The applications are developed for the three major mobile platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile. It insures access to corporate mobile Intranet for the majority of smartphone owners.

The solution allows customizing and branding your employee applications. It is possible to add your company’s logo, change app color according to your brand’s guidelines, and add information about your company. It is also possible to manage access to apps’ content. Tag your employees and share information with specific groups. Whenever new information is added to the applications, a push-notification is sent to users.

More information: https://wispapp.com

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