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Idea Hunt Receives a Boost

Idea Hunt Receives a Boost
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Hitesh Choudhary

From our newest summer addition

Idea Hunt is growing and now able to offer more updates and more new functionality than ever, due to some brand new developers joining our team this year. This summer, we are thrilled to have the help of a talented young developer, Sebastian Callh. Originally from Örebro, Sebastian is a recent graduate of Linköping University, where he has achieved a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. With Sebastian on the Idea Hunt team this summer, he’ll be able to utilize a number of different skills, benefiting both the platform and our customers.

During his tenure with Idea Hunt, Sebastian is working hard to put in place additional testing methods and protocols to help ensure that our custom platforms offer the highest level of customer service and support possible. Working alongside CEO Elia Morling, Lead Developers Linus Andersson and Anton Hedstrom in the Linköping office, Sebastian Callh has been improving the code structure by harmonizing the database access, and model definitions. Callh has also been consolidating our internal API controllers and reduced a lot of cognitive load while developing to improve maintainability. While doing that he has also been hard at work to increase the overall test coverage of the product to ensure stability.

After this summer, Callh plans to return to Linköping University to pursue his masters in in computer science specialized in artificial intelligence and machine learning. In two short years time, we will be looking forward to the many exciting projects Sebastian Callh will impact with his knowledge and expertise in this burgeoning field. You can see more of Sebastian’s expertise and experience here.

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