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Innovation in Cycling - Why Idea Hunt Loves the Cycling Industry

Innovation in Cycling - Why Idea Hunt Loves the Cycling Industry
Maggie Franz

Maggie Franz

Photo by Luca Campioni

Innovation in Cycling

Why Idea Hunt loves the cycling industry

Idea Hunt Loves the Cycling Industry

We geek out pretty hard over innovation, that’s no secret. What might come as a bit of a surprise though, is our love for cycling. Lotta, our Operations Manager often rides her cruiser to work. Maggie, Director of Community Growth Management rides cross country just about every weekend. And Elia, CEO and Founder of Idea Hunt, can be found riding with his kids in his spare time. But beyond enjoying physically being on a bike and riding, we’re passionate about the cycling industry because it is steeped in innovation.

The very nature of the sport might not change, but the bikes and the type of riding continues to innovate, as do the products available to enthusiasts and professionals alike. What started as a road sport quickly moved to cross country, and then downhill, cross bikes came, and then the sport of enduro and high octane descents and tricks. The shape or geometry of bikes, the materials they’re made out of, and just about everything else that has to do with bikes is constantly being innovated. Helmets are safer and better looking than ever. Bike lights and high viz clothing are brighter than before. There is almost always something new happening in the industry of cycling and for innovation nerds like ourselves, that is really exciting.

Previously we had the opportunity to feature HexLox on the Idea Hunt platform. Hexlox is an innovative bike locking system that prevents thieves from being able to break down and steal a bicycle. As our first cycling Idea Hunt, we had 24 ideas submitted and 33 participants in the campaign. It was a lot of fun and we are looking forward to the next cycling campaign: Bike Trace, an innovative bicycle registration application.

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