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Lotta Strand

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Lotta Strand

Ready to sign up for the Idea Hunt platform?  We’re so glad that you want to join us!  There are many different Idea Hunt Platforms that have been built and customized for different companies, organizations, and industries.  You can sign up for just one, or for many different platforms.  Here’s how: 

Note, if you have registered for a different Idea Hunt platform, you are able to use that registration on this platform, signing in as normal.

Let’s get started: 

1. Use the unique URL for the platform you would like to reach. 

2. Click on their signup button.  You can locate this button in the center of the page, near the bottom of their cover photo. 

3. Enter a user name and password. 

4. Click submit!

You are now ready to start using this custom Idea Hunt innovation platform.  Explore the platform, click into the hunts, read the briefs and start sharing your ideas.  Remember to vote for other users’s ideas and give them meaningful feedback.  As you help to improve their ideas, incredible innovation begins to take shape. 


Use our quick and easy Facebook integration.  Simply click “Log in with with Facebook” and you’ll be prompted with an instruction box.

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