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Lotta Strand

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Lotta Strand

Use Idea Hunt’s flexibility to ease your user’s registration

To get users to sign up to your platform is the first step to co-create with them and engage them in the conversation. Different methods of registration speaks to different users and is also decided by the type of business you run

If you are a student organisation or a non for profit organisation, engaging external users on the go, registration using a Facebook account is probably the best.  If you are a marketing agency or an apothecary, Google account or email could be the best fit. If you are a large organisation only using Idea Hunt internally, Single Sign On using OAuth2 could be your best friend.

Idea Hunt support the following registration methods:
  • Email
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • OAuth2

Note: The default method is Email registration, contact your customer success person at Idea Hunt to set up the other methods.

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