Why not inform buyers better?
Why not inform buyers better?

Why not inform buyers better?

This is an idea I got when a friend of mine ordered his new car recently: He ordered a new VW Passat in April 2015 and got it delivered in October 2015. During these 6 months there was NO communication from VW at all and only one from the dealership informing him about a delay without any reason given.

Wouldn't it be great to let the customer be part of the production journey?

  • Today we received your order
  • Today we ordered the spare parts
  • Today your engine has been assembled
  • Your car is being painted right now
  • Your car just left the quality control
  • and so on.

This could be enhanced with real (or fake, who cares really) images of the production line and other facts about the car. The manufacturer could even introduce the people behind the scenes.

Do some manufacturer do this? If not, why did no one think of that? What would be necessary to start with that idea?

Start:11 Mar, 2016
End:09 Apr, 2016


    Good Karma

    I actually do not want to make this idea, I want to give it away so that anyone builds it.