How can we grow Roomvine?
How can we grow Roomvine?

How can we grow Roomvine?

Roomvine is a venue and neighborhood based chat app which allows people to interact with others at the same place as them (university, nightclub, event hall, restaurant, neighborhood etc).

We have had some great success in event settings, where we get a critical amount of users at a venue, but are finding it difficult getting social communities activated since we don't have money to spend on ads and marketing. What are ways that we can grow Roomvine in universities, neighborhoods and other places where people can benefit from socializing with people they don't personally know.

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Start:06 Mar, 2016
End:05 Apr, 2016


    Best Idea wins a $10 Amazon e-gift card

    The person with the best growth idea wins a $10 Amazon e-gift card