Mobile app for tracking your absence from work
Mobile app for tracking your absence from work

Mobile app for tracking your absence from work


  • Make it easy to keep track of your absence at work.
  • Notify bosses/colleagues of absence.
  • Simplify entering of absence information into employer's system.

Target group:

First target group (power users) is working parents with kids in ages 1 to 12. Very common in Sweden.


The main goal of the app is to make it super easy for people to keep track of their absence at work (sick leave, staying home with sick children, vacation, parental leave, working remotely instead of at the office, coming late, leaving early, etc.).

Simplify the process of entering absence information into the employer’s system at the end of each day, week or month. This includes reminding the user of doing this (alarm/notification).

Make it easy for people to notify their colleagues, boss, etc. via e-mail, sms, etc. their absence.

If possible to do without complicating the app too much, it should also be used by parents to keep track of their kids absence at school, pre-school, activities (sports, singing lessons, etc) and notify the appropriate people (teachers, sport coaches, nannys, etc.) of this.

Future versions of the app might: make it easy for the employer to see which of the employees that are home sick, on vacation, etc. in a summarised way. (Might be more appropriate to put in a separate app?) include gps-tracking to decide when you arrived/left your job or if you didn’t go at all. Might also be used to track which clients you visited. make it possible to export the data or integrate with major time tracking systems.

The app might also be useful for other target groups, for example consultants who do work for multiple clients who want to keep track of how many hours they worked for each client during a day, week, etc.

Start:14 Feb, 2016
End:13 Mar, 2016