New feature for Nightly App
New feature for Nightly App

New feature for Nightly App


We have a screen brightness controlling App on Android by the name Nightly.

Through this app we are trying to make the Brightness control automated as we feel that this is one of those things which we mobile users overlook and thus expose our eyes to the harsh brightness of screen, especially in the dark hours of late night when we keep the Mobile much closer to our eyes.

In Nightly a user can select the Brightness intensity which he/she wants to come into action at the specified time. Along with that App got two Timers, through which user can select the time to when Nightly App come into/out-of action.

We have programmed the app in minimalist way to keep the things simple enough for users.

So, we are here looking for new features through which Nightly can make Mobile a Better Place by user centric approach.

Would Appreciate if you guys can share your ideas about new features through which we can address those issues which we overlook but cost us dearly in long terms.

Thanks for your participation!

Here is the link of the app:

Start:28 Mar, 2016
End:26 Apr, 2016


    Thanks for sure :)

    Not sure about rewards at the moment, will update once we are clear about it. For now, we are going with being Thankful to your participation in the campaign.