Our shared creative collective
Our shared creative collective

Our shared creative collective

To begin with a cliché: I have a dream.

I dream of having a little, physical corner in the world that I call "my studio". There I want to play with my creative projects such as drawing and paper craft.

I could set up a studio corner at home, but I think it would be much more fun to share it with people who want the same thing - a physical space, separate from the homespace, where they can indulge in whatever silly, nerdy hobbies they have.

If you share this dream, I would like to invite you to start drawing the blueprint of our shared creative collective, together.

What specific features should it have? Should it be in a specific neighbourhood? In a certain type of building?

How should it be furnished? What mood should it create? What kind of energy should it exude? How do you want feel when you're there?

"Are you really just crowdsourcing ideas for furnishing?!" I heard someone shouting.

Well, yes, actually!

Help on me that, please?

Start:08 Jun, 2015
End:06 Jul, 2015


    You name it!

    The winner gets to name the space.