Venture Cup
Venture Cup
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Venture Cup

This is a test of Venture Cup's competition.

Participate in the competition by uploading your business idea to the system. You decide how you would like to present your Idea, using a video pitch, power point slides, written text or any other creative way. However the judges will not assess more than

  • 1 min video
  • 2 pages
  • 3 images

What do the judges value?

  • Verified ideas. Have you verified with your potential market that your Idea helps solving the described problem or need?
  • Growth. Can this Idea gain market shares or could it grow to other markets?
  • Credibility. Can you show how to go through with this idea including what assets you need to do that?

If you need advice on how to present your Idea, please look here

What are you waiting for? Get going and take the first step of being an entrepreneur. Good luck!

Venture Cup is a community based platform for develop business idea with elements of gamification, check here to see how it works.

More info about Venture Cup

Start:29 Mar, 2016
End:27 Apr, 2016


    Money $$$

    5 000 SEK

    Startup Package

    All participants will get access to Venture Cup's Startup Package including services from Fortnox, Hemsida24, Precisely, SEB and Survey Legend.


    Top 20 ideas will be presented in a list that will be distributed to the nationwide newspapers