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About the company

Tekniska Verken is a publicly owned company that gives 240,000 private homes and companies services that affect their everyday, by delivering services such as heat, recycling, electricity, and internet. They have 885 employees. 


The Challenge

Emanuel Lindblad, Business developer at Tekniska Verken, had a need for a platform where they could work with ideas and development across the organisation. They needed a tool that was interactive, as well as user friendly; something they lacked before.

As a business developer, Emanuel is responsible for finding new offers for their clients, finding good speakers to inspire coworkers, and enhance their internal processes. Emanuel is also leading and managing the internal Innovation Coaches, a group of people trained in supporting ideas and innovation.

The Solution

Last year, Emanuel and his team started the innovation competition “Innoverket”. During the first year the idea collection took place in a traditional “fill in this form and send it to us” type of setting. This year Tekniska Verken used Idea Hunt. Both staff at Tekniska Verken, and their clients, were invited to co create on ideas on how to Tekniska Verken could help others become more climate neutral.

Ideas were posted on their Idea Hunt and everyone was invited the help each other by giving each other feedback and support. The top ideas were selected by all participants, with support from the Innovation Coaches, and then invited to a Dragons Den. A Dragons Den is a situation where an idea is presented to a jury, who asks questions and decides if the idea is worth pursuing or not.

Emanuel explains that Tekniska Verken is a very traditional workplace, with a down to earth culture. Some scepticism towards new digital tools exists within the organisation, but by the support of the Innovation Coaches, and by introducing Idea Hunt at Innoverket it was greeted well.

Ingela Lindahl, Head of business development, supported Emanuel in his decision to start working with Idea Hunt

"We selected Idea Hunt for it’s easy to use interface. We have engaged both employees and students, and have seen a higher quality output than our previous methods and solutions."

Ingela Lindahl

Head of Business development Tekniska Verken

The Results

Compared to the first year, Emanuel explained how he really liked the way Idea Hunt made the process a lot more simple and transparent, how there was no more wondering about if a submitted idea was read or not, and that the ideas submitted gained quality by the broad feedback they received. During the fall of 2018 Emanuel’s focus is corporate culture. He would like to inspire his co workers to become even more free to innovate and share ideas, now that the process on how to innovate is clear.

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