Idea Hunt is revolutionizing the way we host workshops by changing the framework, making them more engaging and delivering results.

Digitized Business Workshops Done Right

Make your process more impactful with digitized workshops that are faster, smarter, and produces higher quality outcomes.

Reasons why digitized workshops will change your life

Save 7 hours and € 250 per workshop, meaning 500 hours and € 24 000 in one year!

Less Prep More Action

Run faster workshops that require less of your time to setup and record. With less of an investment required to host a workshop, you and your team can run more productive workshops.

Become a Pro

Uniquely designed for your process, the templates help step you and your participants through the workshop, maintaining their focus, and guiding their participation.

Instant Results

Combine all the post-its with your phone or tablet. When you use software like Idea Hunt to host your workshops, your results are automatically captured during the workshop, for immediate download.

No matter your role, we can improve your workshops

Business development

Get better at implementing new solutions with faster and higher quality workshops. Turn the tired old SWOT into an exercise that engage your participants

Product development

Enhance your product development process by digitizing your workshops, no matter what type.


Let your innovativeness be seen in your workshops, by digitizing your workshops you can host better and more engaging workshops, with a lot less work.

Innovation management

Become more collaborative by digitizing your workshops. Spend less time preparing or summarizing results, and more time engaging others.

Quality management

Create a more improvement-oriented climate by letting us digitize your workshops for quality management.

Human resource management

You get an improved talent acquisition process and your candidate evaluation workshops will give you better results.


Increase commitment and awareness about sustainability by engaging others in digital workshops that allow for a distributed team.

How it Works

Analyzing your process

1. We analyze your current process

We will spend time to understand your current process and the way to digitize it for optimal results. 

step by step
Creating templates

2. We create digital templates based on your process

Based on our observations we will custom make workshop templates to fit your process. So no need to adapt to a set structure, we will adapt to you!

step by step
Return on investment

3. You keep using them and have your money back year 2!

With digital workshops you will save time and money during preparation, sharing of results and eliminate costs for travels. By year 2, our templates will have payed of themselves!


Julia Selander CEO Venture Cup

Julia Selander

CEO, Venture Cup

Idea Hunt enables us to host Sweden’s largest venture competition, and engage thousands of entrepreneurs and makers every year.

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Ingela Lindahl, Head Business Development, Tekniska Verken

Ingela Lindahl

Head of Business Development, Tekniska Verken

We selected Idea Hunt for it’s easy to use interface. We have engaged both employees and students, and have seen a higher quality output than our previous methods and solutions.

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Fredrik Heghammar, Founder of House of Sparks

Fredrik Heghammar

Founder, House of Sparks

Idea Hunt is a must have for companies that want to implement ideas faster, using the design sprint principles I learnt at Google Creative Lab.

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Digitized Workshops Done Right

Digitize your processes with personalized, high quality workshops. 
With well designed, digital workshops you save about 7 hours and € 250 per workshop, meaning 500 hours and € 24 000 in one year!