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Idea Hunt can increase engagement and productivity in many ways, Here are some examples and inspiration.

A remote team brainstorming ideas for customer campaign

Imagine you have 2 offices, in 2 separate cities, but you still collaborate on client marketing campaigns. You still need to exchange ideas, be creative together, and give each other feedback, but it needs to happen using a video conferencing tool.

This company has these brainstorming sessions on a biweekly basis, and Idea Hunt was a great fit, allowing for a visual guidance as well as the opportunity to combine the classic post-its and a digital documentation.

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Company kick-off

A large bank gathered all their employees for their annual kick-off, where they wanted to create alignment between customer success and product development. The Empathy Map is a great way as it makes you think from the customer perspective, creating empathy with the client and her needs.

All employees gathered in groups, working with pen and paper, with one group member digitally recording the best input into Idea Hunt. When the time came to vote and select the best input, all participants connected to Idea Hunt and 5 minutes later a result was created, and the finished Empathy Map was ready to be downloaded and shared.

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Recurring retrospectives in a hybrid product team

Many product teams work in 2 week sprints, and every sprint ends with a Retrospective session. This session also kicks off the next sprint with action items.

This global team, mostly located in one place, works intimately with remote team members as well. Keeping those remote workers engaged and feeling part of the team is essential for seamless collaboration. It is also super important for both company culture and product development deadlines. By using Idea Hunt the team has a set structure to their sprint meetings, all team members can add input and have equal access to the output from the meeting.

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Project evaluation in public sector

This department in the public sector constantly run projects, both short and long term. What they struggled with was collecting, documenting and executing on learnings from those projects.

By using the Retrospect template as a Lessons Learned session after each project, and sometimes also after project activities, they could collectively gather and discuss learnings, ideas and what to improve for upcoming activities or projects. This increased knowledge sharing and knit the team closer together.

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Member engagement in non-profit organisation

When engaged in a non-profit organisation, involvement is everything. Members are passionate about a cause, but must feel involved to stay engaged. With Idea Hunt this non-profit organisation, working hard for human rights, engages their members by inviting them to quick, monthly sessions with either brainstorming or setting up a few polls on current topics. Even those not able to attend the meeting can join the session, as they can log on to the meeting and cast their vote using their smartphones, no matter where they are.

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Event with a large group

A change business working with a large community on innovation hosted a big event with participants from many different companies. During the event they hosted a workshop to collaboratively source ideas, via brainstorming, on how to create a fundamental shift within organizations. The goal was to source ideas for implementing a culture of open innovation.

To quickly collect ideas from a large audience, they used the Brainstorming template. This allowed for rapid, yet inclusive idea collection, as well as voting on top ideas and collecting a result within minutes.

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Consultancy firm engaging clients on site

When helping clients establish new ways of working and encouraging culture shifts these change consultants needed a way of engaging participants visually as well as a tool for them to take home and continue using. By utilizing the Brainstorming Pro template, they could easily visualize what an idea and experimentation methodology looks like. When running many workshops and meetings, a facilitator has use of Idea Hunt to take the load off, making it possible to focus more on the participants and their experience, than visual elements.

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