Idea Hunt is revolutionizing the way we host workshops by changing the framework, making them more engaging and delivering results.

Brainstorming Workshops Done Right

Become a better workshop leader, producing more actionable results faster!

Level up and become more agile by uniting diverse and distributed teams in digitized workshops.

Evolving the way people collaborate one workshop at a time.

Almost every facet of the way we do business has been drastically changed over the years, being digitized, except for the way we co-create. When it comes to brainstorming ideas, creating a business model canvas, or developing a SWOT analysis, we still very much rely on outdated means and processes.

Change the way you do workshops forever, with Idea Hunt!

How it Works

Host a workshop

1. Pick a template

Register and pick the ready-made template for your workshop.

step by step
Workshop in the conference room

2. Engage participants

Your workshop participants do not need to register for an account. They simply login to the workshop using a secret code. Participants can contribute using their own devices, and the results are displayed on a shared screen. As a host your device acts as a remote control for navigating the steps in the workshop.

step by step
Idea in a box

3. Distribute results

Once the workshop is completed you can immediately export and share the results. Build upon your results and bring them into your next workshop.

Reasons to Use Idea Hunt

Your own Idea Hunt site

Less Prep More Action

Run faster workshops that require less of your time to setup, run and record.  With less of an investment required to host a workshop, you and your team can run effective and productive workshops more often.  
This means you get even more results, increase your throughput and achieve buy-in.

Post a challenge

Become a Pro

Ready made, and expertly designed templates help step you and your participants through the workshop, maintaining their focus, and guiding their participation.
Your workshops will run smoothly and produce better, more actionable results.  Download and distribute these professionally designed results seamlessly.

Gather feedback from your target audience

Instant Results

Put down the post-its and pick up your phone or tablet. When you use software like Idea Hunt to host your workshops, your results are instantaneous.
Idea Hunt digitizes the workshop experience, so that whether you are in person or via web conference, you can facilitate a workshop and access the results immediately.

Idea Hunt helps take the work out of collaboration and co-creation.  By digitizing the co-creation process, and making it more collaborative and productive, we give you instantaneous results that can be shared or customized before being distributed.

Achieve innovation Faster, Smarter, and more Effectively

Start a conversation with our innovation experts, explore the platform and its uses, and learn how you can achieve success with an open innovation platform.


Jonas Hansson CIO Axis

Sankt Kors

“We have used Idea Hunt in our #PopupLab workshops to effectively engage citizens and co-creative innovative solutions for our electric bicycle pool.”

Josef Haddad CEO Revault


Idea Hunt meant it was easy to engage all our attendees, and collect powerful insights, at our latest Innovation Social Global conference and workshop

Fred Eriksson E-on

Fredrik Heghammar

Idea Hunt is a must have for companies that want to implement ideas faster, using  the design sprint principles I learnt at Google Creative Lab.


Convenient, Expertly Designed Templates



Collectively identify business or product strengths, weaknesses opportunities and threats.



Gather together a diverse group of people to brainstorm, evaluate and group ideas.

About Idea Hunt

Idea Hunt is an easy to use to use workshop resource that drastically reduces the time it takes to prepare a workshop and compile its results, increases participant engagement through the ideation process, while digitizing the entire experience.

Idea Hunt is a Swedish owned and operated company with team members spread across the globe across three time zones. Our team members are forward thinking, idea people from diverse backgrounds and skill sets who are passionately redefining the ideation process.