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Brainstorm Online - increase inclusion in your next online workshop

More and more workshops are done online, especially the brainstorming. Collaboration can be a challenge, as well as keeping results on a high level.

Here we are sharing some tips and tricks on how to succeed with your online brainstorming.

Frame Your Online Brainstorming

Before you get started, it is important to have a clear definition of what a brainstorming is and the framework for the workshop


Brainstorming is a creative group activity used to address a specific problem or question by gathering a list of ideas.
A brainstorm can adress one or several questions and often includes rating and clustering ideas.


- Gather the collective perspectives and strengths of your participants.
- Identify unexpected areas of exploration.
- Create as many and different ideas as possible.


A brainstorming usually takes approximately 90 minutes, depending of the number of participants and groups.

A good group size is 6-15 people.

Check out the digital Brainstorming template

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Techniques For Successfully Brainstorming Online

Clearly define the objective

As some of your participants might be joining using web conference, having a clear objective is key. Make sure you present it and allow for questions at the very start of the workshop.

Combine digital and analogue

By combining analogue tools, like post-its and LEGO, with a digital tool for sharing, voting and clustering, you create something truly powerful. 

Vote digitally

Voting is best done digitally. This makes it possible for your participants to see all ideas and you can easily see which ideas outrank the other.

Cluster ideas

Group similar ideas together and organize them into manageable clusters.  Using a digital tool for this increases inclusion and transparency. Engage your participants in this step.

Group participants

By putting your participants in groups, and assigning each group a secretary, you ensure discussions and social interaction even if the workshop is done via a web conferencing tool.

Do a test run beforehand

If this is your first, or one of your first, online brainstormings, make sure you practise. All your tools, both digital an analogue, needs to feel familiar to you. Also try to get a sense of timing for each activity. 

Share results directly

One of the biggest mistakes among facilitators is leaving your participants in the dark as soon as the workshop is done. Avoid them feeling exploited by sharing the results quickly afterwards.

How Idea Hunt's Templates Works

Analyzing your process

1. We have templates for major workshops

We have built templates for the major workshops. The template takes you and your participants step by step through all activities.

step by step
Creating templates

2. Set up your workshop

When you have chosen the right template, simply enter the question or problem you are working on, press Launch, and you are ready to invite your participants!

step by step
Return on investment

3. Get professional results

We make sure you ask all the important questions. Your participants ideate and vote using their devices. After completing the workshop, the result is ready to download directly. The format of the result adapts to the type of workshop you hosted.


Julia Selander CEO Venture Cup

Julia Selander

CEO, Venture Cup

Idea Hunt enables us to host Sweden’s largest venture competition, and engage thousands of entrepreneurs and makers every year.

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Ingela Lindahl, Head Business Development, Tekniska Verken

Ingela Lindahl

Head of Business Development, Tekniska Verken

We selected Idea Hunt for it’s easy to use interface. We have engaged both employees and students, and have seen a higher quality output than our previous methods and solutions.

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Fredrik Heghammar, Founder of House of Sparks

Fredrik Heghammar

Founder, House of Sparks

Idea Hunt is a must have for companies that want to implement ideas faster, using the design sprint principles I learnt at Google Creative Lab.

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