Idea Hunt connects companies, people and ideas.

Idea Hunt is a community of dreamers and doers. We believe that we can make a positive impact through our ideas. We are here to help products and brands that we trust and are passionate about. It is our firm belief that the crowd is more powerful than the lonely genius. We value openness, simplicity and the wisdom of crowds.

Established companies and startups are joining us to crowdsource their product and marketing development. Idea Hunt can help whether it’s validating and evaluating your product, or coming up with a killer idea that will crush your competition. Regardless if you have a community or not, we are here to help. What is more important is that you share our values, and beliefs. Let’s work together to create something better.

Idea Hunt is developed by a 10-man startup team in Sweden that is passionate about new products, ideas and making a positive impact. Please contact us if you wish to learn more.