For Hunters

1. What Kind of Ideas are you looking for?

Idea Hunt campaigners are looking for creative and innovative ideas that will help them solve challenges or take them to the next level. Draw on your expertise and lean on your creativity to come up with an exciting new idea!

2. How do I win prizes for my ideas?

Prizes are awarded to the Idea Hunters whose ideas are selected by the individual Hunt campaigners. The prizes vary in type making delivery of those prizes vary as well.

3. Are my ideas made public? Are they protected in any way?

Ideas posted to Idea Hunts are visible to the Idea Hunt Community and not protected as intellectual property at this time. The benefit to sharing our ideas with each other is educating each other and uplifting the community in doing so. Come, share your ideas and learn with us!

4. How are ideas ranked on the popular tab?

We will not disclose the specifics of the ranking algorithm, but we can say that it is based on the recent number of votes, comments, and likes.

5. How do I find an image to go with my idea?

If you don’t have a photo of your own, you can always use the Web Images option in the file upload. This will allow you to find an image that you can link to.

6. Can I share my ideas on Social Media?

Certainly! We have built in links to help you share to Google+, Twitter and Facebook, but you’re welcome to copy the URLs into any social media for sharing!

7. I see that there is a point system - what exactly is does it mean?

Idea Hunt has some very exciting features and functionality coming soon that will utilize this point system. For the moment it allows Hunters and Hunt Admins to see who is most active within the community.

8. How do I retrieve my password?

Simply try to Login and follow the Forgotten password link.

9. Can anyone create an Idea Hunt?

You most certainly can! And we encourage you to.

For Campaigners

1. What are the benefits of launching an Idea Hunt?

You can benefit from engaging your community, acquiring new members, and gathering new ideas and feedback.

2. When is a good time to launch an Idea Hunt?

It’s particularly useful if you wish to validate your product, collect ideas that can improve your product, as well as grow your community. Examples of good timing can be before you launch to raise awareness, and after to combat churn.

3. What are the benefits of having a featured Idea Hunt?

A featured Idea Hunt will be visible to our community on the front page, as well as having it promoted in a newsletter. If you want as many people as possible to discover your Idea Hunt, and your product, then this is the way to go.

4. What are the benefits of buying a premium subscription to Idea Hunt?

A subscription unlocks all the premium features on the service, such as invitation only hunts and the ability to use your own branding. You will also receive your own sub-domain, and portal - for listing all your Idea Hunts in one place. As a premium subscriber you will be assigned an account mananger that can help you setup your hunt, give you advice, and help you install custom CSS and Javascripts.

5. Are all hunts public?

You have the option of making your Idea Hunt private, and sharing it with whichever community you might choose. For example, if you are an employer looking to poll your internal employees, a private hunt might be exactly what you need!

6. Do I have to give away prizes for my hunt?

No, you do not have to give away a prize, however in our experience, we have noticed that hunts with prizes do tend to receive more engagement from the community.

7. Can I delete an Idea?

Though we have not seen any cases of vulgarity or impropriety, we acknowledge that it can happen. Just in case it does, you can delete ideas if you deem it necessary.

8. How can I interact with the hunters that submit ideas to my hunt?

You have access to the email address of everyone who submits an idea and can export them from the platform so that you can stay in touch after the hunt has concluded.

9. Can I run a contest or do I have to ask for a solution to a problem or challenge?

You can absolutely run a contest on Idea Hunt. We have had several successful contests on the platform, and we must admit, they are very exciting to watch!

10. Can I email the participants after my hunt is over?

You sure can! Log into your hunt and export the email address of the participants.

11. Can I download the ideas, photos and videos that were submitted to my hunt?

You betcha! Simply log into your hunt and export everything.

12. I enjoyed my first hunt, can I run a second or do I have to upgrade?

You can run multiple hunts with a free account. Come on back for round number two!