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Open Innovation Simplified

Open Innovation is the leading source of new products, business improvements, and is revolutionizing many different industries.  Companies of all shapes and sizes, are implementing open innovation programs as effective business practices, for its abilities to source new ideas, quickly solve problems, and empower workforces.  While open innovation is being adopted across the board, many of the practices, formulas, and processes are currently being standardized.

To help with the implementation of these elements, and facilitate open innovation, the innovation experts at Idea Hunt have developed an easy to use suite of SaaS tools and apps that bring distributed teams of employees together, to foster co-creation and drive open innovation.

Open Innovation

Our Suite of SaaS Open Innovation Tools

The workshop app for teams

Workshop App

Take the work out of workshops with an easy to use SaaS app, that allows you to create and invite your users to participate in customized workshops in just minutes.  This digital framework captures users’ ideas, feedback and more, saving you valuable time and energy before, during and after hosting a workshop.

Idea Hunt platform for idea generation

Idea Generation & Exploration Platform

Gather Ideas, solutions and feedback in the form of text, photos, and/or video with the powerful idea generation and exploration platform.  Invite your employees into a dedicated and customizable environment where you host challenges and create a culture of innovation.

Idea Hunt Augmented Reality app

Augmented Reality App

Test ideas, run simulations and gain valuable insight in just minutes with the easy to use Augmented reality app from Idea Hunt. Harness the power of augmented reality on your smartphone or tablet with this power packed app.

Idea Hunt tablet kiosk app

Idea Kiosk App

Created a dedicated feedback or open innovation loop by placing a physical iPad Kiosk in your lobby, the iPad is connected to Idea Hunt’s intuitive open innovation SaaS.  By placing a Kiosk in an easily accessible space, your employees, visitors, etc. can quickly and easily vote, submit ideas and give their feedback.

Why Idea Hunt?

Idea Hunt, powered by a team of open innovation experts, has created a suite of SaaS tools to harness the right techniques, best practices and guidelines, to enable companies like yours to start implementing a successful open innovation program today. Whether you need to run independent workshops, host innovation sprints or hackathons, or start implementing an intrapreneurship or accelerator program, Idea Hunt tools will help you establish new relations, spot the latest trends and discover business opportunities; all without the need for training.

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