Poll Meeting Template

Poll MeetingTemplate

Poll Meeting


Poll meeting is used to quickly get a response to a question with a fixed number of options from your participants.


  • To produce a top list of voted options.


Approximately 5 minutes, depending of the number of participants.

Outcome to expect from your Poll Meeting


  • Top voted list

End result

Poll Meeting Top List

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The process of Poll Meeting

Idea Hunt will guide you and your team through each step.

  • 1. Greetings and introductions 1 min
  • 2. Come up with Poll questions 1 min
  • 3. Vote on the best options for each poll 2 min
  • 4. End Meeting 1 min


Step 1
Prepare template

Configure your meeting template so all the participants are ready join.

Since you and the participants will use your devices for taking notes, ranking, and so on, no materials such as sharpies, post-its and flip charts are required. But you need a shared screen, like a projector or a TV. And of course, you need a venue, an appropriate place where you hosting your meeting.

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