Idea Hunt is revolutionizing the way we host workshops by changing the framework, making them more engaging and delivering results.

Take the work out of workshops, while making them more productive.

By their very nature, today’s workshops are not as productive as they could and should be.  An exciting new tool that will undo everything you know and hate about workshops, is coming from the innovation experts at Idea Hunt! Become a great workshop leader with easy to use templates that guarantee actionable outcomes! 

Reasons to sign up:

No preparations required

Less Prep, More Action

Run faster workshops that require less of your time to setup, run and record.  With less of an investment required to host a workshop, you and your team can run effective and productive workshops more often.  This means you get even more results, increase your throughput and achieve buy-in. 

Stay Organized

Become a Pro!

With the ready made templates, you can leverage the design thinking and expertise of dedicated workshop leaders.  Host more workshops, more often, and when you can't be there to physically host a workshop, using the templates, your team members can become a pro workshop facilitator too.

Every User Counts

Instant Results

Put down the post-its and pick up your phone.  The new workshop tool from Idea Hunt digitizes the workshop experience so that whether you are in person or geographically distributed, you can facilitate a workshop and access the results immediately.

How it Works

Host a workshop

1. Setup a Workshop

Register as a host and create a workshop in no time using ready-made templates.

step by step
Workshop in the conference room

2. Invite Participants

Your workshop participants do not need to register for an account. They simply login to the workshop using a secret code. Participants can contribute using their own devices, and the results are displayed on a shared screen. As a host your device acts as a remote control for navigating the steps in the workshop.

step by step
Idea in a box

3. Distribute Results

Once the workshop is completed you can immediately export and share the results as a PDF, or print them and put them on a wall.

Top Features:


Setup and begin hosting an organized a workshop within minutes.  Our user interface is designed to enable you to begin leading a workshop in just minutes.  


Connect users around and empower them in a fun and engaging workshop.  Users can open the tool on their smartphones or tablet and interact with and challenge each other. 


With the prompts and templates provided by Idea Hunt’s experts we’ve taken the work out of workshops.  Leaders can use the interactive tool to step participants through the project and explain the different phases, actions and outcomes. 


Using the tool, leaders can group similar ideas, prompt users to vote for the effective ones, as well as improve others collectively in this engaging application

Export Ideas

The work doesn’t end when the workshop does, with Idea Hunt’s Admin tool, you can export ideas to continue working with them.


With workshops this easy and effective, you’ll be able to host them when and where you need them.


Start using the tool, with built in templates today for free!  Keep using the tool or upgrade to custom templates when you are ready.


As your workshops improve, you’ll achieve more.  Idea Hunt’s tool evolves with you, providing customized templates and more.

Convenient, Expertly Designed Templates


Road Map

Visualize your next product and find ideas together with your colleagues.


Value Proposition Canvas

Identify your Strenghts, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas

Evaluate where you are and where you can go with an easy to use business model canvas template. 

Empathy Map

Empathy Map

Start identifying your customers pain points and find new ways to alleviate them with your products and services.

Our Philosophy

We empower organizations to practice open innovation by offering software and resources that help them crush it.  Workshop is an engaging, and effective tool to help you solve challenges, scout opportunities, and get more done!

Take the work out of workshops

Sign up to the be among the first to achieve more enjoyable, more productive workshops!  We’ll send you an email to confirm that you’re on the list and you’ll receive updates, and the date of the launch as we get closer.